Get to know the Bidayuh people, the “land owners a.k.a “Land Dayak” of Borneo

The Bidayuhs accounted for one tenth the population of Sarawak, living mostly in the west end of Borneo, in the area of Bau and Serian, just half an hour drive from Kuching.

Long time ago, other tribes as well as Malays from the Malay archipelago settle in the Sarawak, thus the Bidayuhs decided to migrate and make new settlement in the hills thus they were called “land owners” or better known as “Land Dayaks”. The word “Bidayuh” means “land people” in their language including the Biatah and Singai dialect.

The Bidayuh creates a roundhouse or better known as the “Baruk” that is around one and a half meter from the ground and it serves as the meeting house for the settlement’s community. The Bidayuh traditionally live in a longhouse, where many families will live in its multiple rooms, as a community.

Best of all, the Bidayuhs are known for their hospitality, making visitors feel welcome in their homes and learning their culture.  They are known as for making “tuak”, or rice wine, as well as “arak tonok”, a type of moonshine.

Nowadays, the Bidayuhs speak either English or Malay as their main language, and adopted the religion Christian and Islam.

sapi island

Sapi Island welcomes you with its pristine water and extreme activities

Sapi Island welcomes you with its pristine water and extreme activities. You may enjoy sea-walking, scuba diving, snorkelling and even enjoy the zipline with the coral flyer! There are alot of activities that will make you fall in love with this beautiful island.

Its sandy beaches, clear waters, calming forests, and sea life, Sapi Island has become the favourite destination. Locals and tourists mainly go to this destination on the weekends, so the weekdays will be more relax for those who enjoy some quiet time.

Birds Nest

5 things you need to know about Bird’s Nest

1. Bird’s Nest contains alot of nutrition for the body therefore best consumed before meals.

2. Bird’s Nest can boost the body’s immune system as it contain glycoprotein which promote growth factors and bring up your energy.

3. Bird’s Nest is said to enhance beauty and youthfulness. This is because Bird’s Nest has properties responsible for epidermal growth for skin and tissue repair.

4. Bird’s Nest is usually consumed in moderation, and that made the stomach able to digest the proteins and nutrients slowly making the consumer able to relieve from ailments such as asthma, cough and fatigue.

5. Bird’s Nest can also be used to improve appetite, improve digestion and stimulate bowel movement.


Head on to Kota Kinabalu Night Seafood market for the freshest seafood around town!

Ever thought to yourself of wanting to eat fresh seafood to your heart’s content? Then head on to Kota Kinabalu Night Seafood market where you can find a variety of sea creatures such as lobsters, prawns, crabs, squids, fishes and clams, all ready to be cooked and served to you. Imagine the fish was capture a few hours ago and now it will be immediately grilled for dinner served to you and your whole family.

The taste will be so sweet, the texture will be very firm and your taste bud will experience this tender juicy fresh fish! Sabah, especially Kota Kinabalu, which is nearby the sea, have some of the freshest and cheapest seafood in town to offer. Your trip to Sabah would be incomplete without trying the fresh seafood.


The place to see sharks and coral reefs in Borneo

The Swallow Reef or better known as ‘Layang Layang’ Island in Kota Kinabalu is an island at the north of Sabah in the Borneo Island.

This island can be considered as secluded as it is located in deep waters. The depth of its water can reach up to 2000 meter deep. These deep waters are home to many marine life and it is well-preserved, thus some restrictions are placed to tourists. Hammerhead sharks, whale sharks and coral reefs are some of marine life thriving in the depths of the waters of the Swallow Reef.

The main activity to do in this place is scuba diving where you can take a boat from the island to a nearby depths of 40 meters and dive to your heart’s content! Crack Reef, D-Wall, The Point, Pier Diving, Dog Tooth Liar and Wrasse Strip are some of the famous diving spots in the Swallow Reef.


Let’s get to know the Iban people who celebrate the Gawai

Most of Sarawak’s population comprise of the Iban people, which constitute one third of the people. Once upon a time, the Ibans are reputed as strong warriors of Borneo. Now, they are kind, humble and calm people.

The history of people living in Malay Archipelago is that the land they live on are called “Tanah Air” which mean “Land Water”, and the reason why it is called in such a way, is because the people live in both land and sea equally, meaning they are either fisherman, pirates, or explorers.

To examine the Ibans livelihood in the past, they love to go to sea most of the time, to work as fishermen, pirates and explorers thus they are called “Sea Dayaks”. In the earlier time, the Iban migrated from Kalimantan via the Kapuas River and decided to settle their homes at Batang Ai, the Skrang River, Saribas, and the Rajang River. The Ibans lived in longhouses consisting many rooms to house many families, creating a community.

The Iban women are best in weaving the Pua Kumbu which is a traditional multi-colour patterned cotton cloth, wooden carvings and bead accessories. The Ibans are known for their creation of sweet rice wine called tuak, served during festive times.

Nowadays, the Ibans practice Christianity and Islam. The Iban celebrates festivals such as the Gawai Dayak (Harvest Festival), Gawai Kenyalang (Hornbill Festival) and Gawai Antu (festival of the dead).


Plan your travel to Mount Kinabalu to experience the mesmerising beauty!

Mount Kinabalu is the first place that would come to mind when planning your trip to Sabah, as it stand tall as far as the eyes can see, and it is also a place you can experience adventure amidst mesmerising Borneo Island. The Mount Kinabalu can usually be seen from far of its beauty before nine in the morning local time, after that time clouds will start to block the view of the mountain. It stands at the altitude of 4095 metres, making Mount Kinabalu the tallest mountain in Malaysia.

This mountain is a World Heritage site where you can find exotic flora and fauna. The Mount Kinabalu trek is 5-hour long route through spectacular landscapes to Panalaban. You can view a panoramic sunset view from the hilltop. #smartborneo

pua kumbu

Get to know the popular Borneo textile, the Pua Kumbu

Pua Kumbu is a traditional cotton cloth admired for its patterned multicolour design and handwoven by the Iban people. The Iban wear this proudly for ceremonial functions. The technique into creating this textile is by combining ikat dyeing and backstrap loom weaving. The product would show unique motifs on the fabric and dyes that represent the story of Borneo.
Mordant dyeing is considered a ritual as it conveys moral and spiritual teachings on the finished textile. The creation of handwoven textile has been made by the women of Iban for many generations and considered as the most cherished cultural practice.
If you get a chance to visit the Iban longhouse, you may catch a glimpse of the Pua Kumbu being set on the extended wall.
The Pua Kumbu are also made into ceremonial garments worn during Iban rituals.
To see more heritage Pua Kumbu collections, you may visit the Sarawak Textile Museum or the Tun Jugah Foundation’s private collections, as they have a variety of textile being displayed. Tun Jugah provide studio spaces for students and artisans to learn and practice the art of Pua Kumbu weaving.


Best Thin Rice Noodle Dishes to Eat While in Sarawak

What better way to travel than visit places and taste the delicious noodles at the destination. Why noodles you may ask? Well noodles have everything you need, soft silky noodle swimming in a broth that will invigorate you and taste that will remind you of the true Asian culture. Have you eaten Sarawak laksa before? The taste of the broth is definitely nutty and spicy and leaves a heavy after taste in the mouth. So what makes this Sarawak dish a sought after cuisine? Sarawak laksa is a famous noodle delicacy of the state. The noodle is called ‘bihun’ and it is made of vermicelli rice noodles. The broth is a shrimp-based soup made from ‘sambal belacan’, coconut milk, lemongrass, garlic, galangal and sour tamarind. The dish is later top with a generous amount of shredded chicken, omelette strips, prawns and bean sprout.

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