This pedestrian shopping street of Jalan India in Kuching, Sarawak (Kuching’s Little India) offers beautiful architecture of a rainforest-themed canopy, giving a sense of aesthetic to its visitors.

The idea to create a beautiful pedestrian walk comes from Sarawak effort to create Healthy City.

The idea is that a healthy human does not only eat and work, but they need to rest, exercise and sightseeing to beautiful scenery.

At the first idea conception in the past, the shop owners do not agree on closing the Jalan India road, as they fear if cars cannot drive through, their shop will suffer a decrease in customers.

However, as the idea comes to fruition, the shopkeeper notice that more visitors comes to the street as it becomes a pedestrian walk.

People seems to appreciate the beauty of the street and how they can conveniently walk on the pedestrian walk and the canopy offers tourism attraction.