Sarawak’s waterfronts revitalised with a magnificent bridge, the “Jambatan Darul Hana”

Country’s first “City of Unity”, Kuching, Sarawak has a new landmark which is a bridge over the river, Sungai Sarawak.

The bridge is called the “Darul Hana Bridge” or “Jambatan Darul Hana” which connects Pangkalan Batu to Pangkalan Sapi. The new landmark was the brainchild of Yang di-Pertua Negeri Sarawak Tun Abdul Taib Mahmud.

Back then, before the bridge was situated, people used to cross the river using a boat. Now, with the bridge situated, people can cross the river with ease.

The structure of the 335m-long S-shaped bridge contains elements of the Bidayuh community’s bamboo bridges combined with a futuristic design. The bridge was supported by steel cables and it has hornbill-topped towers.

The meaning of the bridge was “Home to Peace and Tranquility”.

From a historical perspective, when Sarawak was ruled by Sultan Tengah, he had named the state ‘Sarawak Darul Hana’, thus the reason for the name of the bridge.

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I recently had Kolo Mee, and it was absolutely wonderful

Last weekend I went to the restaurant Taste of Sarawak in Intermark, Kuala Lumpur. How did I bump into this restaurant? Well I was sending a printing job to a printing shop to print an A3 size poster. After I had obtain my poster, I felt hungry and head down to the restaurant area. They are alot of small restaurant lots at the lower concourse area. Then I saw Taste of Sarawak, and I am like “Hey, I never eat Kolo Mee before. I should have a bowl, since I am the administrator of Smart Borneo website and all”.

So they served me this yellow noodles, which I can say was quite thin, and it was drenched in soy sauce. And they gave me another small bowl of clear chicken soup. 

The way they present the big bowl of noodles, is that they put slices of beef or chicken on top, some fish cakes and some green onions on top of the soya sauced drenched noodles.

So how you eat it, is that you have to pour the chicken soup from the smaller bowl into the big bowl of noodles.

As I taste it, it is a very unique taste. The clear soup taste very fresh, the soy sauce really juice up the noodles, and the chicken slice gives the sweetness and texture to the dish.

This dish is one of the dish that you can definitely re-visit its taste, as it is a light dish that can be eaten at any time of the day and able to fill your stomach.


The Sepilok Orang-Utan Sanctuary

The Sepilok Orang-Utan Sanctuary in Sabah is the place in Southeast Asia where visitors can see the primates up close. This sanctuary also function as a rehabilitation centre that will free the Orang-Utans back into the wild.

A good time to visit are in the afternoon when the primates emerge from the jungle to the feeding grounds to get their food consisting of bananas and milk. Visitors can watch the keepers feed the Orang-Utan from the wooden platform.


Get to know the Bidayuh people, the “land owners a.k.a “Land Dayak” of Borneo

The Bidayuhs accounted for one tenth the population of Sarawak, living mostly in the west end of Borneo, in the area of Bau and Serian, just half an hour drive from Kuching.

Long time ago, other tribes as well as Malays from the Malay archipelago settle in the Sarawak, thus the Bidayuhs decided to migrate and make new settlement in the hills thus they were called “land owners” or better known as “Land Dayaks”. The word “Bidayuh” means “land people” in their language including the Biatah and Singai dialect.

The Bidayuh creates a roundhouse or better known as the “Baruk” that is around one and a half meter from the ground and it serves as the meeting house for the settlement’s community. The Bidayuh traditionally live in a longhouse, where many families will live in its multiple rooms, as a community.

Best of all, the Bidayuhs are known for their hospitality, making visitors feel welcome in their homes and learning their culture.  They are known as for making “tuak”, or rice wine, as well as “arak tonok”, a type of moonshine.

Nowadays, the Bidayuhs speak either English or Malay as their main language, and adopted the religion Christian and Islam.

sapi island

Sapi Island welcomes you with its pristine water and extreme activities

Sapi Island welcomes you with its pristine water and extreme activities. You may enjoy sea-walking, scuba diving, snorkelling and even enjoy the zipline with the coral flyer! There are alot of activities that will make you fall in love with this beautiful island.

Its sandy beaches, clear waters, calming forests, and sea life, Sapi Island has become the favourite destination. Locals and tourists mainly go to this destination on the weekends, so the weekdays will be more relax for those who enjoy some quiet time.

Birds Nest

5 things you need to know about Bird’s Nest

1. Bird’s Nest contains alot of nutrition for the body therefore best consumed before meals.

2. Bird’s Nest can boost the body’s immune system as it contain glycoprotein which promote growth factors and bring up your energy.

3. Bird’s Nest is said to enhance beauty and youthfulness. This is because Bird’s Nest has properties responsible for epidermal growth for skin and tissue repair.

4. Bird’s Nest is usually consumed in moderation, and that made the stomach able to digest the proteins and nutrients slowly making the consumer able to relieve from ailments such as asthma, cough and fatigue.

5. Bird’s Nest can also be used to improve appetite, improve digestion and stimulate bowel movement.


Head on to Kota Kinabalu Night Seafood market for the freshest seafood around town!

Ever thought to yourself of wanting to eat fresh seafood to your heart’s content? Then head on to Kota Kinabalu Night Seafood market where you can find a variety of sea creatures such as lobsters, prawns, crabs, squids, fishes and clams, all ready to be cooked and served to you. Imagine the fish was capture a few hours ago and now it will be immediately grilled for dinner served to you and your whole family.

The taste will be so sweet, the texture will be very firm and your taste bud will experience this tender juicy fresh fish! Sabah, especially Kota Kinabalu, which is nearby the sea, have some of the freshest and cheapest seafood in town to offer. Your trip to Sabah would be incomplete without trying the fresh seafood.


The place to see sharks and coral reefs in Borneo

The Swallow Reef or better known as ‘Layang Layang’ Island in Kota Kinabalu is an island at the north of Sabah in the Borneo Island.

This island can be considered as secluded as it is located in deep waters. The depth of its water can reach up to 2000 meter deep. These deep waters are home to many marine life and it is well-preserved, thus some restrictions are placed to tourists. Hammerhead sharks, whale sharks and coral reefs are some of marine life thriving in the depths of the waters of the Swallow Reef.

The main activity to do in this place is scuba diving where you can take a boat from the island to a nearby depths of 40 meters and dive to your heart’s content! Crack Reef, D-Wall, The Point, Pier Diving, Dog Tooth Liar and Wrasse Strip are some of the famous diving spots in the Swallow Reef.

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