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Four things to look out for when buying pearls

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You are in Sabah, and you saw some beautiful pearls. You want to buy some. However, you thought to yourself “Hold on. How do I go about buying these? Are there a certain criteria to a pearl that you can possibly look out for to make sure you get the best pearl out there?”

Well, you are in luck! Here are the four ways to evaluate pearls.

The first criteria is to see the level of luster. Look at how shiny the pearls are. Does it reflect the light? A pearl that is more shiny is an indication of a higher quality pearl.

The second thing to look out for is the quality of the surface of the pearl. The lesser the imperfections or blemishes, the better. The closer it is to a near clear perfection of the pearl’s complexion, the more valuable the pearl become.

The third aspect is the pearl’s shape. Most often, a near perfect round shape pearl would worth more than an oval pearl. Although, different people prefers a variety of different shaped pearls.

Last but not least, the fourth thing to take note on, is the size of the pearl. The bigger the pearls are, the higher the value of the pearls.

So, we hope you have learn all you need to know about pearls!