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I recently had Kolo Mee, and it was absolutely wonderful

Last weekend I went to the restaurant Taste of Sarawak in Intermark, Kuala Lumpur. How did I bump into this restaurant? Well I was sending a printing job to a printing shop to print an A3 size poster. After I had obtain my poster, I felt hungry and head down to the restaurant area. They are alot of small restaurant lots at the lower concourse area. Then I saw Taste of Sarawak, and I am like “Hey, I never eat Kolo Mee before. I should have a bowl, since I am the administrator of Smart Borneo website and all”.

So they served me this yellow noodles, which I can say was quite thin, and it was drenched in soy sauce. And they gave me another small bowl of clear chicken soup. 

The way they present the big bowl of noodles, is that they put slices of beef or chicken on top, some fish cakes and some green onions on top of the soya sauced drenched noodles.

So how you eat it, is that you have to pour the chicken soup from the smaller bowl into the big bowl of noodles.

As I taste it, it is a very unique taste. The clear soup taste very fresh, the soy sauce really juice up the noodles, and the chicken slice gives the sweetness and texture to the dish.

This dish is one of the dish that you can definitely re-visit its taste, as it is a light dish that can be eaten at any time of the day and able to fill your stomach.