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Meet the cute tarsier in the Danum Valley of Sabah

Danum Valley Conservation Area is one of the best wildlife experience Borneo has to offer. During night walks in the conservation, you can spot a nocturnal creature called the tarsier. The tarsiers are one of the smallest species of primates in the world with cute round and big eyes. Some researchers think the reason the tarsier eyes are so big are due to the fact that they do not have a reflective layer in the eye that most other nocturnal animals have.

Tarsiers hind legs have the ability to launch the creature from tree to tree. These creatures do not like to perch too high up the trees, so you can spot them perching on a tree 1.5 metres from the ground. Tarsiers inhabit lowland jungle so these primates can be found in most jungle in Sabah. 

Tarsiers are the only primate that are carnivorous as they eat on insects and reptiles. Tarsiers can be seen following a smarm of fire ants in the jungle. Ants will disturb the larger insects as they move through the leaf on the jungle bed, and as the larger insects fly away the tarsier will leap to eat its meal.