You are currently viewing Poring Canopy Walkway, the highest in Sabah

Poring Canopy Walkway, the highest in Sabah

Poring Canopy Walkway is located in the same area of the National Park as Poring Hot Springs, a hot sulphur spring that’s believed to have therapeutic properties that will be focus of a future blog.

The Canopy Walkway actually consists of two walkways; the first was opened in May 1990 whilst the second opened around 2005/6 specifically for bird watchers to take advantage of the hundreds of species found in Kinabalu National Park.

This second walkway is slightly lower and is the walkway we’re enjoying today with the original walkway closed for maintenance.

The height of the walkways ranges from around 20 to over 40 metres above the rainforest floor and the walks are around 175 metres long. It’s about a 1km walk to the entrance, as you’d expect uphill most of the way and culminates in a lots of steps, slippery when wet so wear some good walking boots or shoes with lots of tread.

The walk to starting point will take about 30 minutes. Just relax and go slow. It will help if you wear comfortable hiking shoes and carry some water. You better bring your umbrella just in case it rains.

Focus on savouring the rare and privileged feeling of walking through the millions of years old rainforest and enjoying the same view that the birds and smaller mammals enjoy.

Some of the trees, including the ones securing the Canopy Walkway are simply huge with massive girths and include the Menggaris tree (Koompassia excelsa). The walk takes around 20 minutes to complete, may be longer as time passes so fast then it’s time to slowly descend back to the pathway back to the main Poring Hot Spring area.

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