Sabah Mackarel Crackers or “Amplang (Keropok Ikan Tenggiri Tawau)” is one of the most delicious snacks in Malaysia

I finally get my hands on Amplang yesterday.

I was spending the weekends with my sister who resides in Penang, so by Sunday I was driving back towards Kuala Lumpur, when i decided to stop by the rest stop area of Sungai Perak.

My original intention was to buy some Grandfather Mango or “Manga Datuk” which only sells in Sungai Perak, because the mango farm was in Perak.

Then i was feeling tired and sleepy so i went into a shop to buy coffee, and to my surprise they sell amplang there!

I buy it immediately! I didn’t take a picture there because i was tired and sleepy at that time. So, I brought it to the office the next day, and took a picture of it wearing a Santa Hat!

So let me describe the taste. As I open the packaging, the smell of fish crackers comes out. I took one cracker and ate it. The taste of fish is very strong and tasty. It is very delicious, and crispy.

It says here in the packaging that the ingredients include spanish mackarel, sago flour, salt, palm oil and permitted flavouring.

So if you ever wanted to buy amplang in Semenanjung Malaysia, just drop by Sungai Perak rest stop area, and you will get to buy this delicious snack!

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