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Sabah’s Annual Christmas Carnival

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Every year, the churches in Sabah under the Sabah Council of Churches take turns to organise the Christmas Carnival event at the Padang Merdeka in Kota Kinabalu, with the collaboration of the Kota Kinabalu City Hall.

This four days carnival was held on the 11th to 14th December of every year.

Performances such as Christmas Carols can be heard resonating from Padang Merdeka as gospel singers, local artiste and volunteers sang their hearts out to the tunes of Christmas jingles.

The event which kicked off on Wednesday attracted thousands of people of various races and religions.

When we talk about carnivals, we would think about delicious foods to enjoy while walking with family and friends.

You guess it right! Various food stalls can be seen here. Visitors can enjoy the delicacies of Sabah, as well as taking pictures with Santa Claus and his helpers.

When we think about Christmas, we would think of a grand Christmas Tree decorated with lights, and this is one of the highlights of this Christmas Carnival.

Now that we know Sabah held this Christmas Carnival annually, would you want to join the outdoor festivities next year?