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The Top 8 Birds in Kinabatangan River

1) Bornean Ground Cuckoo / Carpococcyx radiatus
As its name suggests, The Bornean Ground Cuckoo is a species of cuckoo in the Cuculidae family and is endemic to Borneo. 

2) Bornean Bristlehead / Pityriasis gymnocephala
Because of the bristly hair on its head, it’s no mystery how the Bornean Bristlehead got its name. 

3) Storm Stork / Ciconia stormi
The Storm Stork is the rarest stork of all and it can be found mainly in the lowland rainforests of Malaysia and neighbouring countries Thailand and Indonesia.

4) Helmeted Hornbill / Rhinoplax vigil
Not the most attractive of all birds, but nothing less of a marvel either, the Helmeted Hornbill is the largest Hornbill of its family. 

5) Bornean Falconet / Microhierax latifrons
The Bornean Falconet is also known as the White-Fronted Falconet. It is endemic to Sabah, Borneo and is arguably one of the smallest bird of prey in the world.

6) Bat Hawk / Macheiramphus alcinus
This predator of bird is a raptor and skilled hunter. As its name suggests, its diet consists mainly of bats, but not restricted to other preys like swallows and swiftlets. 

7) Peregrine Falcon / Falco peregrinus
A predator bird that preys on other birds, the Peregrine Falcon is the largest falcon of the Falconidae family. It’s legendary for its speed, spectacular stoops and catching its prey in mid-ai

Last but not least…

8) Rhinoceros Hornbill / Buceros rhinoceros
The Rhinoceros Hornbill is a large arboreal of the hornbill species and is known for its huge bill and casque, usually a red-orange-yellow colour. This majestic bird is the ‘state bird’ of the Malaysian state of Sarawak, which the native Dayak groups of Borneo believe is the chief of all birds.

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