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Top 5 most sought-after Sabah traditional handicraft

Have you heard about Handicraft Market or better known as “Pasar Kraftangan” in Sabah? They sell a variety of things made from natural resources such as wood and leaves. Tourists buy them as souvenir.

Let’s countdown the top five most sought-after Sabah traditional handicraft.

5. Bamboo Gift Box

The bamboo gift box can hold items such as cake, chocolate and candy, and usually given away to guests at weddings. It felt more traditional to give a gift box made of bamboo, instead of the modern gift box made of paper, thus why this gift box is much in demand.

4. Sompotan with tune

This is a mouth organ instrument made by the Kadazan Dusun people. it is made with dried gourd (Korubu) wind chamber attached to eight bamboo pipes using beeswax (Sopinit) and bound with rattan. You can play a nice tune with it, or you can just hang it on the wall as decoration.

3. Carving Lepa

Simply stunning carving of a ship “lepa” made from lightweight tambo wood. It is intricately carved with plant motifs such as the Kembang Tuli, Dahan and Kellong. This hand carved item is made by the the Bajau Semporna people.

2. Rinago Tray

This tray food can be used to carry food to guests in the house. It is made by the Rungus people. Eco-friendly, beautifully crafted with ribu-ribu fern and woven with rattan, it will surely give a great impression to the guest. 

1. Rinago Gasing

Let’s be honest, who do not a spinning top for themselves. Regardless if you are a man or a woman, you must have played with spinning top at least once. The traditional spinning top is played with ropes wrap around it, and release to the ground to see which top spin the longest. It is made from the ribu-ribu fern which grow in the wild in Kudat and is woven with rattan wicker fibre or rotan pulur to produce rinago craft. The Rungus people produce this excellent craft.

Written on 31 Dec 2019. By Nana

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