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When is the best time to travel to Borneo?

Borneo experiences a sunny tropical climate throughout the year with temperatures averaging between 23° C and 30° C. But for an all round experience of jungle trekking,diving and golfing,tourists should avoid arriving during the rainy season from November to February when heavy showers lash through the clouds,spoiling the holiday mood. However,unpredictable rains could fall at any time of the year at any place making it impossible to judge the best season for visiting. Moreover,Borneo being a large island,the climate fluctuates at different areas on the island. In Kuching,the wet season is from November to February while the dry season is from June to August. At the same time,the wet season shifts a little in Kota Kinabalu as most rains happen in October. Therefore,tourist should be aware of the fact that Borneo gets heavy,occasional rainfalls even during the dry season. In addition,during the rainy season,it is not possible to dive or jungle camp.

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