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Why go to Borneo?

“The lungs of the Earth” or Borneo is an island off the coast of Malaysia shared by 3 countries, Malaysia, Brunei and Indonesia. The island also houses one of the world’s oldest rainforests (140 million years old), making it the last few havens for endangered species like the Borneo orangutan.

Borneo is one of the few locations in its setting where you can encounter the Orangutans. The old rainforest attracts many wildlife experts and conservationists from all over the world to explore and study the rich ecosystem and unique wildlife that can only be experienced on this island. It’s a chance for ordinary travelers like us to experience exotic land and wildlife without going on an expedition while learning how important it is for humanity to preserve this last bit of Earth’s lungs.

The best thing about Malaysia is that everyone speaks English so it is very simple and convenient to travel around the city by bus. In big cities like Kuching, Uber or taxi are also another great options if you are willing to spend a little more. In Brunei, it is easiest to negotiate with a taxi to take you to the few landmarks that are not walkable from the center.

In between cities, night buses are widely available with different comfort level at the main bus stations. Keep in mind that Borneo doesn’t have a developed transport infrastructure due to its thick rainforests so traveling a seemingly small distance may take hours more than usual.

Mulu national park is very difficult to travel by land (requires boat, cars, and hiking) so going by plane from Miri or Kuching is the easiest.